Nick Ang

Hey, I'm Nick Ang.

I'm a guy from Singapore, currently living in Berlin. 👋

This is my digital garden, where I sow new ideas, tend to the growing and matured ones, and occasionally prune the undesirable. It's open for visitation.

But like a real-life garden, expect organised chaos when you browse the blog.

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I was born in Singapore, lived there my whole life, and am currently living in Berlin, Germany. At almost 30 years old, making this move remains one of my proudest accomplishments because I have dreamed since I was in primary school to experience life abroad. So I guess that means I am living my dream.

Professionally, and I should say at the moment, I am a software engineer. My strengths are my ability to learn and teach. I currently work full-time as a service operations engineer at, a Finnish ad-tech company.

I’ve taught close to 100 strangers and colleagues from scratch how to code. That was my first taste of being consequential in people’s lives. I hope to continue to be useful to people beyond the confines of my full-time employment and this site exists to help me fulfil that hope.

Rapid-fire facts:

  • I'm married and have a toy poodle Brownie who has his own Instagram account
  • Once I tried to create a "laptop for writers" as a startup that failed. Now I unironically write on a product created (later) by another company Astrohaus. They call it the Freewrite and I love my Freewrite
  • My major is in Environmental Studies from NUS. I don't remember 95 percent of what I learned but rely on the other 5 percent every moment to help me think about the world

I collated some things that I would recommend, like podcasts and blogs, in the Recommendations corner.

So, that's my public persona in brief. Send me a direct message on twitter or email to talk!

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