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My favourite posts from 2018

favourite posts from 2018 nick ang

In a bid to understand what I’ve been thinking about and have done for the year, I’m taking stock of the posts I’ve published this year.

Here are some stats (bracketed is number from 2017):

  • Posts published: 130 (96)
  • Views: 77,800 (5,500)
  • Visitors: 64,300 (3,500)

Overall, I’m quite happy knowing that people are finding this blog more useful this year than last (proxied by view count). Views increased by 14 times and visitors by 18 times! These are partially vanity metrics and, in all honesty, I don’t really keep track of it until the end of the year. But it does indicate that at least some of the things I’ve been writing resonates with some of you, which makes me feel warm inside. :)

My favourite posts from 2018

Here is the list, in chronological order:

03.01 ‌‌ Temptation to just build stuff 09.01 ‌‌ The fallacy of greener bananas 28.01 ‌‌ The uncommon (and invaluable) ability to recognise a noisy mind 08.02 ‌‌ How to setup ESLint for your next project 28.03 ‌‌ On learning 16.04 ‌‌ A display of creativity and collaboration like no other 22.04 ‌‌ The Art of Living Deliberately - work to be done 14.05 ‌‌ There’s so much we can do with our life 15.05 ‌‌ The key to forming new habits 02.06 ‌‌ Reflecting on 15 days in the Philippines fields 23.06 ‌‌ Why I’m going vegetarian 14.07 ‌‌ How I think about Work-Life Balance 21.07 ‌‌ Do individual efforts matter in the grand scheme of things? 28.07 ‌‌ Reflecting on 1 month of being vegetarian 12.08 ‌‌ All the peace from within 13.10 ‌‌ The one thing that reliably slows down the passage of time 06.11 ‌‌ I’m not sorry for being confused 21.11 ‌‌ Climbing 25.11 ‌‌ The importance of habits 06.12 ‌‌ 10 reasons why simple is better 09.12 ‌‌ How to keep things interesting in a relationship

And if you secretly want to see everything I’ve published ever, visit the blog page.

Photo by Josh Applegate.

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