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A display of creativity and collaboration like no other

Today is a glorious day. Not in some grand way though. Today is the day Casey Neistat uploaded a video on his channel (recently rebranded as 368) where he and Jack Conte, the CEO of crowdfunding platform for creators, Patreon, declared to the world that they will be collaborating.

While their eventual creative and business collaboration is something I look forward to seeing unfold, what excites me more is the way in which these two guys met.

You see, Jack had an idea. We, the frequent viewers of Casey’s YouTube channel, still have no idea what that idea really is, but we know it’s about creating. By now that should be obvious. Creative work is the common thread between these two.

That idea in Jack’s mind is really important, so he unleashed his creativity to find the perfect way of reaching out to Casey - a YouTube video.

He made an amazing video, one of a quality that is, in my opinion, at least on par with Casey’s. That must have taken years to hone. And all that culminated in this brilliant video.

The video was designed with a singular goal: to get Casey’s attention. At this point, both men haven’t met each other before. Jack was trying his best to get noticed so he could pitch his idea to Casey.

Jack’s goal with the video was achieved today (actually, probably one or two days ago, since videos on Casey’s channel take time to edit and upload and are typically slightly late). It was achieved when Casey uploaded today’s episode of his 368 vlog.

I love how these two people met! It’s an amazing story. It’s a triumph for creative people around the world, achieved through a tremendous creative act in itself. What’s not to rave about?

Let me reiterate why is such a glorious day. Today is a day where one person’s creative act helped him (and now potentially hundreds of thousands, or even millions of creators) to connect with one of the world’s most popular filmmakers. It shows the world how it’s done.

Ok, that’s it. Man, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this collaboration pans out!

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