Nick Ang

Tired and thankful

I’ve just spent 12 hours straight coding at work. Combined with the last couple of weeks of coding, sometimes late into the evening, I’m close to exhaustion. It was hard to even bring myself to look at the screen to write this post.

While I’m obviously tired of/from coding right now, I’m also thankful.

I’m thankful for having my wife around me before and after work and on weekends. I dislike working outside of office hours unless it’s really called for. Looking at the minute hand tick away while I’m at the computer instead of being present with the people I love feels stupid.

Looking back at why this had to happen this way over the last few weeks, I realise it’s about expectations. I’d set the wrong expectations with my team, and in order to right my mistake, I chose to suck it up and try my best to deliver. I hope it’s worth the while!

But yeah, I’m tired and thankful. Every little thing that Mei and Brownie did during this time touched me more deeply than usual.

It’s as Tom Cruise said in Vanilla Sky, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

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