Put a timer on your WiFi router already

The simplest way to automatically snap out of junk internet content binges.

Among my favourite decisions lately is buying a electro-mechanical timer wall plug that I use with my WiFi router's power adapter. Now my WiFi router is automatically turned off at 23:00 and turned on again at 06:00 sharp.

The fact that I'm writing this at 23:00 is not a coincidence. I have my WiFi router setup in my bedroom because this is where I work from home 5 days a week with colleagues from all over Europe, and my particular brand of timer goes SNAP! when the dial crosses over to "off" mode. That literally snapped me out of my X browsing stupor and got me to write this.

My intent wasn't to enact a "no internet after 11pm" policy - I got the timer simply because I felt I needed to reduce the radiation in our bedroom. The router is on a shelf next to where I sleep! And since I've been going to bed at roughly 23:00 lately (though tonight proves otherwise), I set it to turn off then.

Losing access to the internet when binging on junk internet contnt is a wonderful side effect. I highly recommend putting a timer on your WiFi router. Hundred precent would do it again.

Verdict: Good intention => Great decision ✅✅

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