The only reason you need to keep a blog

That singularly important reason why I keep showing up to write and publish articles is simple.

My friends often ask me how I stay motivated to write and publish articles on my blog. I can easily think of several reasons I keep a blog, but I wanted to know the one - that singularly important reason why I keep showing up.

So I dug deep and eventually came to realise that for me, if nothing else, it’s about helping someone feel less lonely in this big, complicated world.

Brother Christian, who hadn’t said one word to me this entire time, looked me in the eyes and in almost a whisper, said to me, “Me, too.” Sometimes we don’t need advice. Sometimes we just need to hear we’re not the only one. Matthew McConaughey

This is an excerpt from Matthew McConaughey’s new memoir, Greenlights. And I think that for this reason alone, your blog should exist.

Your blog does not need to have original ideas. It just needs to have authentic ones.

Your blog does not need to have 1,000 readers every month. It just needs one.

Every person who bothered to read an article you wrote is a soul you have managed to connect with through your blog. If you write with authenticity, you’re helping someone know that they are not the only one dealing with something.

That connection I could be having with you is the only reason I need to keep a blog. Is it enough for you?

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