Nick Ang

Why care about SEO?

Why get involved when you know it’s not necessary?

Ask yourself, why do I need my blog to rank high on Google?

If I asked myself that question and answered with full honesty, there will be silence. There’s no need for my articles to rank well. An article that is helpful will naturally rank better than one that isn’t. A blog that is on the whole more useful to people ranks better than a fully decked out search engine optimised blog.

And what if I’m wrong? Does it matter? I write because it’s fun and helpful to people. That’s all that matters to me - fun and useful.

Yet I’ve been customising my keywords and Google snippets and all that nonsense ever since I started blogging. Why? I don’t know, perhaps to gain more reach? Why do I need more reach? What does reach mean anyway?

This is one of the things I’ve recently taken a moment to reconsider. It’s a great idea to take periodic pauses in your life to question your day-to-day actions. It’s the best way to reduce unnecessary redundancies and move with lighter feet.

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