Nick Ang

The things we can but don't do

August 03, 2016

The transitional space between pre-regulation and regulation might be the best time to get in on something.



Paddle boarding from the Manhattan side of New York to Brooklyn.

Unless it’s clearly bad for society collectively, only the sour and ill balanced will beat their chests and yell cry foul.

In life, there is plenty more that we can but don’t do. For some it’s because they don’t even think to do those things. For many others it might be more a matter of choice. But that is odd, considering how much we seem to like proclaiming that life is short. YOLO, right?

On a lighter note, I just realised how angry I can sometimes get with hotel showers. When I lift that tap handle and expect water to flow out from below and onto my feet and instead am greeted by an unexpected downpour of cold water, I just feel like smashing a hole in the wall. Of course, I’m not going to do that lest I break the pipe and get dr(owned) by much more cold water.

* * *

Photos from today

home karaoke hong kong Karaoke at our friend Steph’s beautiful home in Hong Kong

victoria harbour View of Victoria Harbour from Steph’s living room.

hong kong mtr Hong Kong MTR ride

hong kong mtr escalator

people in white jumpsuits in a mall that look like astronauts Shopping mall astronauts.

greyhound cafe hong kong city plaza mall Interior of the Greyhound Cafe in City Plaza Mall at Taikoo.

starbucks reserve hong kong Starbucks ‘reserve’ section.


hide and seek A little hide and seek.

person holding camera on selfie stick facing you Everybody be vloggin’.

kid and grandmother looking at each other playfully

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