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The signals above the noise. The things that put this look on my face.

This list is always a work-in-progress to curate the (master)pieces that I come across in my life. I'm depositing them into this public page so that I can refer to it myself and share it with people I meet any time.

Personal growth

The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. A treasure trove of interviews with top-performers in almost every field, from tech entrepreneurship and investing to psychedelics research and blogging. The quality ranges from good to brilliant.

John Saddington's blog. I keep going back to reading John's blog because it is inspirational light reading to me. The guy is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and writer all in one. That's the kind of person I think (or hope) I am. Plus, he's a documentarian, having blogged almost every single day since 2001. How's that for consistency?


PARA method for organising things as knowledge workers. I read this recently and it made so much sense that I immediately adopted it. My implementation of PARA is done in the Notion app.

Entrepreneurship and Business

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. I'm often regarded by friends as a bit of a odd because I have a different way of looking at things. I trace that habit of orthogonal thinking to this book. In my opinion, it could be renamed as "The ultimate guide to thinking and acting like an entrepreneur" and it wouldn't be ironic.

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers. Book containing lessons on customer service, working with people, and business strategy that entrepreneur Derek Sivers learned from selling his first business CD-baby in the early days of the internet. Also, he is an incredible storyteller. I particularly like the interview he did with Tim Ferriss (podcast).

Stratechery by Ben Thompson. I'm late to the party in discovering this amazing one-person publication. Thompson writes in-depth analyses of technology and business in a way that is concise, timely, and easy to absorb. I stumbled on this gem of an online publication with his article The Bill Gates Line.

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