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Crotch meat

June 19, 2020

Imagine someone created an Instagram profile called @crotchmeat. In my mind, there’s no way such a profile won’t take off in follower count if the following were met in some way:

  • Upload 1 illustration of a piece of crotch meat everyday
  • The illustrations indicate that the artist is having fun

I believe this simple formula gets followers on Instagram because people who are appear to be having fun doing something, and doing it consistently, are so rare that we want to bare witness to it when the opportunity arises for us to do so.

I previously wrote:

Why should fun be something to strive for? I don’t know what it is about having fun that makes it work this way, but whenever I see that someone is having fun, I immediately like their work better. That bodes well for the person having fun. It could be her ticket to giving an amazing presentation, coding well, and even to attaining the status she spent the last 10 years reaching for.

So… what is crotchmeat? Follow me at @crotchmeat to find out!

Okay, just kidding, that’s not my account. My best attempt at having fun publicly so far is @nickang_blog where I doodle to explain technical ideas. It’s been fun but I haven’t quite done it consistently yet. It isn’t as fun as the idea of crotch meat, I suppose.

My wife and I talked about crotch meat a lot today. Before you report this site to the police, let me explain. We both love climbing and recently the rock climbing gym in Berlin reopened partially after the coronavirus pandemic (not saying that this result is final). Naturally, my muscles have deterioriated due to the climbing hiatus, but I was surprised to find my crotch hurting from the harness. I concluded that I must have lost some crotch meat that was previously there to soften the pressure on my crotch. End of story.

I think we must have each said “crotch meat” more than 10 times each after that. Because it’s funny… at least to us.

Crotch meat. Have fun and conquer the world. So simple in theory, so hard in practice.

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