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A small gesture changes everything

a small gesture changes everything nick ang blog Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah

I was back today at where all interestingness in my career began - the General Assembly campus in Singapore. It sprang up in Singapore from New York 4 years ago and I made my way into its history 3 years ago, fresh from a failed startup, attempting to learn to code.

Today, when someone made the effort to tell me that my post about General Assembly had helped him decide to enrol in their Web Development course, everything came full circle. I feel happy, glad, and full.

Thanks, Andrew!

You had no real reason to tell me your story and how I was a part of it, but you did. That is a small gesture that changes everything.

I wrote my review of the General Assembly web development course where I learned to code as a way of giving back to the community of career-switchers and beginner coders.

It was a small act of kindness, inspired by another person’s small act of kindness as he published the review that helped me feel confident in enrolling in the programming bootcamp.

And I consider Andrew’s sharing with me today another small of act kindness. I believe it is small acts of kindness like these that collectively make our society stronger and more connected. Knowing that I have moved the needle by a tiny millimetre on this front makes me incredibly pleased!

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