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Join me in executing my first marketing plan

November 17, 2018

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Marketing is a really big domain of expertise. Just ask Seth Godin - he’s been studying and practising it his entire career, and he’s still learning every day! (He blogs about them daily on his blog.)

Before starting ang veil yú with my wife, I’d never really given marketing any special attention or serious thought. Now that I’m running the marketing for our online wedding veil store, well, I have to.

So today I wrote my first marketing plan. It lays out three key areas that we should work on until the end of 2018:

  1. Get initial traffic to the store
  2. Improve organic search traffic
  3. Create brand awareness in Singapore

I’ll spare you the details, but set to say, it was a good exercise. Having no prior knowledge of marketing, I’m basically starting from ground zero. Everything I do in relation to marketing for ang veil yú is going to be new to me. It’s an intoxicating mix of intimidating and exciting!

Questions, questions, questions

What should we post on Instagram? Should we be spending time publishing posts on Facebook? What about Pinterest and Twitter?

Is the tone of our communications acceptable or the best it can be for our audience?

What keywords should we pay for and which negative keywords should we throw into the mix? Should we even advertise at all or rely on organic search traffic to grow? What is an acceptable cost per acquisition (CPA) for our product?

Learn with me

As my wife and I endeavour to grow our side business, I will do the wrong things, and occasionally (hopefully) do something right around marketing.

One thing I’m quite certain about is that amidst the chaos, I will continue to write and publish my learnings on this blog. It is a constant that I’ve relied on before to keep me well-ordered and clear-headed, and in the face of the monster that is Marketing, I’m going to need it.

I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey of learning and applying marketing strategies and tactics to grow our little e-commerce business together. We’ll share the good stories but we’ll also share the bad and ugly stories. And through them, we shall grow more knowledgeable and able.

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Let’s do this!

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