Nick Ang

Simple tools

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A Google Slides deck can be used as a simple wireframing tool for a planned app.

If your intent is to encapsulate what the app can do, a black and white wireframe done with shapes and text in a PowerPoint deck is enough. Sometimes, it may even be more effective without the colours to distract!

There are so many powerful tools on the web these days, ranging from image processors to collaborative wireframing to cloud-based code editors, that we tend to overthink the choice we ultimately make. But most of the time, any will suffice.

Is it possible to write a novel in Google Docs?

What about to create an app wireframe in Google Slides?

Or to use Google Calendar as a way to book customer support shifts in a company?

You know the answer is “yes”. And you’d like to say “but…” and so do I, naturally. But… something else out there might be more -insert adjective-!

True as that may be, it’s also true that if a tool gets the job done, it’s a good tool. Even better if deciding to use it doesn’t take hours of discussion!

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