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A power couple

power couple nick ang blog Not us. But I’m digging the vibes!

I received an interesting message from a friend who recently saw my update on social media about my new business with my wife. I believe he said we were such a “power couple”.

I find it interesting because, from the outside, people who run businesses may certainly look impressive. I too admire from afar those who are able to somehow run an entire business, sometimes even doing so while being employed full time.

My first response to him, however, was to make it clear to him that we weren’t doing this to look impressive to others. We’re just trying to do something meaningful while making some money that could help us pay bills. In retrospect, it sounded like a defensive response, but I somehow felt like it was important to point that out.

Besides, the work that we’ve put in to launch ang veil yú have been manageable. It didn’t require some superhuman time management or personal sacrifice. It’s the kind of work that anyone who dares to try can do.

The most difficult part was convincing ourselves to take a leap of faith, and after taking the leap, trusting ourselves that we would not be lazy to do the follow-on work.

In my opinion, that is all it takes to launch a business. That is all we’ve done so far. It’s not impressive and it shouldn’t appear to be. Power couple my ass. We’re just an ordinary couple trying to pursue our own little dreams.

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash.

My wife and I launched ang veil yú a few days ago. We sell handmade bridal veils. Check it out if you’re interested!

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