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Are you a planner or executor?

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I’ve often asked this question to myself and I’ve never really gotten a satisfactory answer. “I don’t know, I’m kinda both,” would be my truthful answer.

Are you a planner or executor? A visionary or an implementor? Strategist or tactician?

Not knowing which label I fall under sometimes makes me anxious. If you ask people, most would be able to tell you with more certainty that they’re one or the other, so why can’t I?

Could it be that I’m actually really decent at and interested in doing both? I think it’s possible, given how much I like value variation at work. Monotony is the bane of my existence, making me feel trapped in a cage in a world full of interesting places to explore and things to do.

Or am I kidding myself and just haven’t found which one I’m really better at?

What if I’m better at planning but enjoy executing more? Would I be forever torn up between my mind and hands?

If someone were to ask me now, “So, Nick, do you think you’re more of a strategising kind of guy or an implementor?” My answer would be this:

“I know this sounds like a cop out, but I really think I’m kind of both. I mean, I like being involved in shaping the big picture because it helps me know the strategy and intent, which informs me of what needs to be done. Then, I can implement things with confidence that they will help us successfully roll out the strategy. Being one or the other to me is like working blind or working without touch. I’d honestly feel handicapped.”

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