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Workout duration does not matter

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Each of us workout for a different reason. For me, it’s become less about vanity and more about actual physical strength. Sometimes, especially in recent times as I’ve grown slightly stronger, I workout to de-stress.

Depending on your reason for working out in general or on a particular day, how much time you spend in the gym or in the pool also has varying importance. In general, though, I’ve found that duration doesn’t matter.

Case in point: today, my workout was only 30 minutes long (because I forgot my gym closes at 5pm on Sundays) and I felt equally fatigued as after a normal 1 hour workout. If anything, I’ve saved 30 minutes from being focused, and I should be glad.

I point this out because I’ve always had a natural negative response to short workouts.

Say, if you told me that you were heading out for a workout and came back within 40 minutes, I’d instinctively think that you hadn’t done a proper workout.

Today’s focused workout proved that thinking wrong though, and I’m honestly happy to be wrong!

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