Nick Ang

Back in the army

And so it begins, another thrusting into the unique social hierarchy of the military. It makes me uncomfortable to don the uniform every year. Why not? I’m a citizen ninety five percent of my adulthood. It’s hard to, at the snap of the fingers, get into the role of a soldier.

The social hierarchy in the military is a rigid one. One’s rank determines how to speak to another, which you literally wear on your sleeves. It’s like printing the title and level of seniority of everyone in a company and making them iron it onto their clothes. Saying it is weird is like saying getting to the moon was hard.

Having said that, every time I “go back” for service, I’m reacquainted with the soft edges of this unique social order. There are definitely nuances to the whole thing that I have to relearn every single time. I’m glad the wider world isn’t like this.

Anyway, there’s work to be done. Off to Australia for training!

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