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Accepting that I have a bad neighbour

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I’m frustrated, which is usually a good state to be in to write. Nothing flows like anger out of the body.

This time though, something is different. Not sure what it is, but I don’t feel like airing my grievances about my neighbour. Perhaps I’m feeling like enough is enough.

Yes, I think that is it.

I can continue to fight or accept my current situation and work within its confines. Bad neighbours are probably somewhat common and should be expected if you’re living in a city. It’s just the price we pay to be here, I suppose. Better learn to accept it sooner than later to reduce overall misery. That might just help me feel less of an urge to show this motherf*er the finger.

I could be completely off here, but I think it’s more stressful to live in a city than in a suburb or countryside. People are in close proximity to others and compete strongly against one another.

My current frustration is prompting me to ask whether it’s wise to continue living in a city so unquestioningly. The only way I’ll ever know is to get out of the city and live elsewhere for a while. To a European, that might be a summer house, but to a Singaporean like me, that means somewhere abroad.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.

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