Nick Ang

Weird happy people

really weird picture of guy standing on float in a pool doing hitler salute This picture is so weird! Photo by Neko Tai on Unsplash

I just realised this: I really want to meet as many weird happy people as possible.

Who are these weird happy people, you ask?

Well, they are people who appear to be stupid or foolish but always seem to be having so much fun on their own.

You know, like the skinny old Finnish man in a pair of extremely short shorts (I couldn’t not notice) who dances like nobody is looking at a karaoke bar in Helsinki. Or that whisky connoisseur whose enthusiasm is so over the top you think that he either has a mental problem or is faking it. You get the point.

I usually see these people once or twice a week, three times if I’m lucky.

These people are great. I love them - because they are so in touch and comfortable with who they are. And from my experience, if you ask them why they’re so into that thing, they will always tell you a great story.

When we’re not busily inhibiting ourselves, we enable ourselves to go all-in. Going all-in often has the nice benefit of helping us outperform others, but that’s not the point. Going all-in creates a state of total lack of inhibitions, which in itself can be something profoundly beautiful.

To me, a person who is completely comfortable with him or herself is beautiful in the purest and greatest sense of the word. I want to meet more of these weird, happy people so that I can hopefully learn their secret to letting go and living fully.

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