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Wanting to be there and not here

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It is weird that I want to be there and not here, even though I know there is so much here I have yet to experience.

There: San Francisco at the moment, but somewhere else could be good too.

Here: Singapore, where I was born and grew up. Time to leave to come back.

Deep down, I want to be away so that I can learn about myself, learn just how big the world is by drawing a line crossing two points instead of seeing it from one, and learn what changes and what remains unchangeable with geography. Home is too close to heart for me to learn about myself through experimentation, I think.

Singapore is a really interesting place and I can feel that our city/island/country is undergoing some changes as my generation works our way up into positions of influence. But I feel like at least for me, this is the time to be elsewhere. That way when I’m back and have been there, done that, I would be primed to contribute.

This is starting to sound altruistic, but really, I want to go live somewhere else for a while because I want to appease my curiosity. It’s an itch I have to start scratching soon before it drives me mad. I’m curious how other cities and the people who live in them think, work, and live.

A rare group of people have this experience from birth as their parents travel around the world for work and bring them along. I’ve always found these people to have incredibly fascinating stories. I wonder what it’s like to have travelled as much as they have. I wonder if they live fuller lives through the broad experiences they get to have.

Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash.

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