Nick Ang

A forgotten resource to learn CS

I heard about some months earlier, but I’d forgotten all about it. At that time, I haven’t had serious thoughts about moving to San Francisco yet.

But today, I had lunch with a friend who is making his own plans to find a software engineering role in San Francisco, and he helped me get reacquainted with this resource. Looking at the site now, I tremble in excitement!

I’d just organised my thoughts and formulated a rough study/practice plan for becoming a proper software engineer (you know, the kind that has practical experience building applications and a good grasp of computer science fundamentals?).

By the same stroke, I think this is also preparation for challenging technical interviews at the big tech companies like Google, LinkedIn, Airbnb, etc.

I believe this: if you want to be a good software engineer, you need to have knowledge and skills in computer science fundamentals.

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