Nick Ang

Rick and Morty, bitch!

rick and morty Why the heck is Rick’s skin gray?

Rick and Morty is such a endearingly weird show that I feel that I need to address it in a blog post. It’s so odd that I must have went “Hahah, what the fuck?” about 10 times before the end of episode one.

By the end of the pilot, I just thought to myself that this is going to be a different kind of ride…


There are misconceptions that are probably being perpetuated (to the detriment of society) though, like:

  • Hepatitis C is not benign, despite how it (the monster character representing it in S01E03) attacked Hepatitis A
  • The reason Pluto is no longer a planet anymore is not because of a civilisation living on it that has been digging for plutonium - it apparently doesn’t even have much plutonium, since its half-life is really short!

Some thoughts

  • Graphics are secondary to storytelling, and need not be sophisticated for a show to be funny, educational, inappropriate, and endearing
  • Parallel universes can induce strong melancholy, especially if you’ve had to bury your dead self to take his place in one
  • Cartoons as a format for adults is alive!

I know a lot of hard work must go into producing something as seemingly silly as Rick and Morty, so I just want to say to the creators of Rick and Morty, thank you.

You guys—writers, producers, animators, voice artists—are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing, please! If only just so that people like us can have a reason to say, rubba-dubba-dub-dub!

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