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Publish, even if you think no one is reading

As crowded as the internet is in 2017, anything well thought out and clearly written will be read, as long as it is discoverable.

Every writer should write with that confidence in mind, and let that confidence spur you to write even more. At some point, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you write, the more you think, and the greater the chances of you writing something well thought out and clearly written.

reelfix has a blog post that illustrates this very well. Haven’t heard of reelfix? Well, neither have I to be honest, until today. Every time after an interesting TV show or movie, I go to Reddit and read what everybody else thought about it. After watching the first episode of Sherlock season 4 tonight, I found many people talking about “The Moffat Effect” and had to dig one tab deeper.

It turns out that someone wrote about it in a blog post published on a WordPress blog, and it’s become a thing, used to refer to the rare ability to modernise a classic without losing too much of its original author’s flavour. The author of the post isn’t known since the post was published under the Gravatar of reelfix, but his/her analysis is clear and the writing so on point that it’s been picked up by the peoples of the Internet. Like they’re known for giving credit when it’s due, digging up esoteric terms coined by other random Internetizens.

This is a great example that anything well thought out and clearly written will be read, as long as it is discoverable. What isn’t discoverable in 2017, with our obsession with scrolling on the bowl, in the line and even in the sack? The best part? You don’t even need a custom domain; something like is good enough.

So don’t let the obscurity of your writing stop you from your writing. I’ll even package it in New Year’s speak if it helps you be open to the idea. “This new year, think and write more. If it’s good, they will come. Because your thoughts and writing are (probably) better than you think.”

And if they don’t, well, cry yourself a river. Then maybe write about that.

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