Nick Ang

Warm spots

December 10, 2016

Every time when Mei and I come home from a trip to the bank or a nice movie date, we’d come home searching for that warm spot on our marble floors.

Brownie is the most loyal friend we have, perhaps even more loyal than we are to each other. He’s just… out of this world. Out of our chaotic world.

The first time I discovered the warm spot was by accident. Mei walks around the house in one of those cushy home slippers but I’m more of a barefoot. One day we came home and as the door slammed shut I stepped on a spot on the floor that felt warm, a stark contrast to the chilly marble that I’m used to walking on at home. There couldn’t have been another explanation - Brownie must have laid there, waiting for us to come home.

My foot was hardly the only thing that felt warm that day. Knowing that you are the center of another being’s universe is utterly heartwarming. It makes me want to be a better person for others.

I often think to myself whether I have been the warm spot in anyone else’s life. Being human, I think it’s impossible to be as unwavering in loyalty as a dog to another human, but I’d like to think that it’s possible some times, and that that would be enough.

In any relationship, try and be the source of that warm spot for the person on the other end. When he/she discovers your warmth is when you’ve established a relationship for life.

/strokes Brownie…

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