The software developer’s craft

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What my desk looks like on a good day from working at home

I’d recently taken up watching Chef’s Table during work breaks. I love it for its artful presentation and masterful storytelling. Chef’s Table is really not about cooking or even food; to me, it is clearly about humanity and our capacity to create, in spite of our fundamental humanly flaws. It is about the melody of failure and success and learning what matters to each of us.

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Temptation to just build stuff

mannequin wearing santa hat looking broken
Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

I’m beginning to adopt an engineer’s mentality of wanting to build things because it’s fun and I’d probably learn a few things along the way.

For example, I’d recently wanted to build 2 Chrome extensions with very specific uses.

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My New Year’s resolution for 2018

moleskine notebook on a table
The Moleskine notebook I used every step of the way in 2017

I’m not doing this for the sake of tradition or anything like that. Instead, I’d just like to make use of the pensiveness that comes for free at the end of the year to do some visualisation of what the new year is going to be like for me, my wife, and my dog.

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Success needs health

Singapore laksa from a nearby makeshift food court near work

All the success in the world means nothing if you don’t have good health to enjoy it.

Charlane (my wife) seems to be down with food poisoning tonight. It’s one of those unpredictable, common-ish illnesses that can swoop down on you without warning and render your body totally useless.

One moment we were going to enjoy a simple dinner together in between her makeup gigs, and the next moment she’s puking in the toilet 3 times in 20 minutes. Ugh. We’re biology after all.

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Remember why you are programming

spectacles sitting in front of a laptop focusing text on screen - remember why you are programming blog post banner
Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

As a programmer, you probably get a little carried away once in a while. You know, getting engrossed in the sophistication of another developer’s implementation, be it beautiful or ugly (or both) and having an engaging conversation with your colleague about it. Yeah, I can tell you know what I’m talking about!

But I recently realised that that can sometimes happen at the expense of good user-centric development.

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Getting good and getting a dream job

dream job depicted by a laptop with a code editor open
Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Now that we’re coming close to the end of 2017, I’ve been thinking about my career and careers in general. Having begun my career as a software engineer about a year ago, I thought it’d be timely and useful to do some reflection.

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Nike shoes designer Tinker Hatfield on design

tinker hatfield
Tinker Hatfield and one of the sneakers he designed (I’d be surprised if that assumption is wrong)

I recently re-started to organise what my good friend Kegan and I call “docu-nights” where we watch a documentary film together at my place. There’s never an awkward obligation to sit together and engage in intellectual conversations after these films, but we often wax philosophical in areas unrelated to the film anyway.

This post is my notes from an evening spent watching Abstract: The Art of Design season 1 episode 2 about the designs of Tinker Hatfield.

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