This section is inspired by Derek Siver’s now movement, as a sort of “public declaration” of my priorities at the moment.

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In November 2016, I graduated from a 12-week programming boot camp called General Assembly (Web Development Immersive). I wrote a review if you’re interested. After attending the boot camp, I stayed on for 3 months to help out as a teaching assistant for the next course. I learned a lot in the process of teaching people how to think like and be a programmer. I also had a lot of fun talking to people just starting their own journey into Becoming Technicalâ„¢. It remains one of the best short stints I’ve done so far!

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Since December 2016, I’ve started working as a full-stack software engineer at Altitude Labs. I specifically work on product development of Metisa, a recommendation engine and data analytics platform for e-commerce and consumer apps. Each day at work, I spend 80 percent of my time coding in Python (and Django) and JavaScript (and React.js and Backbone.js), 10 percent on UI/UX discussions related to the product, and 10 percent strategising and doing what is necessary to keep the product and business healthy.

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Now, in October, almost a year into being a full-time software engineer, I’m starting a new project on this blog. I’m calling it Bite Size Programming, which is a segment where I write about programming in bite-sized blog posts!

My goal is two-folds:

  • to share what I know and am learning from my journey and to grow as a programmer with anyone who is interested
  • to push myself to learn new things and try to articulate them in order to help myself internalise them

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Most of my blog posts are published on Medium.

Update (1 Jan 2018): My new year’s resolutions post sums up what I’m generally up to now. I’ll work those things into this page with a little more detail soon!

Last update: 1 Jan 2018